We conduct experiments that
may or may not seriously
break the universe

The Villains

The Hidden "Matz" Samurai

The dark samurai, Lord Matz, is always loyal to the Ruby he forged with his own hands. He is extremely powerful, as smiling as powerful, followed and admired by the entire community. He is originally from the mystical Japan, travelling every place the Ruby has conquered; some even say he treats code as an essay!

The Whydler

Questions, questions, always asking questions! The Whydler's Poignant Guide is a common gateway into the world that is the Ruby Underworld, which makes the Whydler our faceless, nameless gatekeeper. All hail the chunky bacon!


TDD is dead. Javascript is dead. Abandon all hope. All your Basecamp are belong to us.

Dr. Tenderlove

Rumored to be a top technical secret agent for an unknown government bent on global destruction, Dr. Tenderlove serves as a top advisor for multiple Ruby projects. His secret goal is to sereptitiously improve the performance of code across a wide range of areas, all while covering his tracks by distracting us with cat pictures and funny puns.

Evil Lairs

Nil Roulette

Tired of getting NoMethodErrors when you call a method on nil? Is it just too hard to figure out what's really wrong? With nil_roulette, those problems are a thing of the past! nil_roulette will fairly choose a recipient for an unknown method call and just pass the buck. Who needs to know?

spin by conorwithonen, CC BY

Ben String

Ever wanted a String that was a little more...personal? Ever wanted to be unsure about what is actually happening? Then you need BenString.

knot by gabe popa, CC BY